Erv and Joyce Nass Photographs

Carl Nass, Dora Grundmeyer and Erwin Nass
Apartment in Minneapolis. Joyce, Gals, and their friend Joe
Audrey Blaha
Audrey Blaha
Allen Arent
Donavon Blaha
Erv, Joyce, and Pomeranian Fluffy
Erwin and Joyce
Erwin, Harold, Arnold, and Dora
Erwin, Unknown,m Robert Blaha, Unknown, and Gary Blaha
Gerald, Gary, and Darlyn
Glendaris and Delores, Lusiz, twins of Frank and Elizabeth Blaha
House and Grove City
Joyce and Erv 1956 Litchfield Zion Lutheran Church
Joyce and Erv on the North Shore
Joyce at Marigold Ballroom, Minneapolis 1954
Joyce on Bumbo Seat, back deck, Barbie's House
Joyce's Boyfriend before Erv
Joyce's friend Arnette and her brother
Joyce's friend Harold, West Union 1982
Joyce's friend John Bucco, Cabin Lake Osakis
Joyce has a fever
Korean War
Melvin Nass
Joyce, District President VFW Auxillary 1980s
Joyce's Home - Vandais Heights
18 year old Terrence fixing engine
Barbie 2018
Barbie and Joyce at ECFE Childhood Family Education 2011
Joyce, Saint Paul Humane Society
Unknown, Gary Blaha
Joyce at Home
Joyce and Wally Pikel
Joyce and Little Barbie
Joyce and Kyle
Joyce and Barbie Medina Ballroom
Georgene Living Dangerously
Barbie and Joyce
Barbie Cindy and Joyce
Barbie and Joyce
Barbie Joyce and Scratchy
VFW White Bear Lake. Terrence and Barbie usta take Mom their on Sundays. She would always order two pork chops and take home the leftovers.
Barbie Sauk Center Dugout
Connor and Alex
Connor and Alex
Joyce Nass and Maddie Joyce Nass holding her dog Maddie 2008. Maddie was a clever dog with bad breath.
Jesse McManus and Barbie Nass in Brooklyn NY 2007. Jesse proud owner of a new bike.
Ichon Harbor
Inchon Korea
Korean War - Chow time Korean War - Chow Time
Chris and Myself Korean War - Erv Nass and friend Chris
Brenda 1973 Brenda Nass 1973
Dad's Family Family of Erv Nass